Executive Council

The Executive council  is responsible for the executive direction of the Labex. It is composed by one representative per partner and the executive members.

The executive members of the UCN@Sophia Labex are:

  • Johan Montagnat, Scientific and Technical Coordinator
  • Walid Dabbous, coordinator of the Scientific Orientation Committee

To decide on its orientations, the Executive council is helped by several committees:

  • The Scientific orientation committee, in charge of the scientific strategy and evaluation
  • The Industrial partners club, in charge of links with industry
  • The Valorization committee, in charge of results exploitation and communication


Administration Council

The Labex UCN@Sophia is under control of an Administration Council (CA) which decide on its budget, strategy and results exploitation. The Administration Council is composed of one representative per partner and the Labex executive members.


Scientific Advisory Board

The Labex set up an international advisory board of high profile scientists to gain independent assessment of its activity and an opportunity to discuss future trends in its thematic areas with internationally renowed experts.

  • Chairman : Eric Hardouin (Orange Labs, France)
  • Members: