Funded projects

The Labex UCN@Sophia funds project development engineers to transfer the research results of its partner laboratories to the industrial community through the development of functional demonstrators.



- L'Union (27/03/2017)
- 20 minutes (23/03/2017)
- France 3 Côte d'Azur (10/03/2017)
- Var Matin (8/03/2017)
- Nice Matin (06/03/2017)
- Grazia (01/02/2017)
- Le Monde (31/01/2017)


  • MOBI - Electrical installation data acquisition platform for building information modelling (eModus with LEAT / Alain Pegatoquet)

  • MULTECOM - Development of a MULTEFIRE demonstrator with OpenAirInterface (3Roam with EURECOM / Florian Kaltenberger)

  • Prometheus - Virtualisation to offer Tier IV data-center access to associations, foundations, and SMEs (TITAN Datacenter with Inria / Damien Saucez)



  • D2D Indoor - Network communications project without infrastructure between smartphones (NFCOM with Inria / Chadi Barakat)

  • PAPIoT  - (Position and Activity monitoring Platform based on IoT technology) - Creation of a wearable device prototype for elderly people (Abeeway and Nively with LEAT / Fabien Ferrero)

  • POST ADO - Services between connected object dynamic and opportunist composition platform for weakened people homecare (Berger-Levrault with I3S / Jean-Yves Tigli)

  • RockFlows - Creation of a Machine Learning Workflow (France Labs with I3S / Michel Riveill)

  • Secure, privacy-preserving biometric speaker authentication in the cloud (EURECOM / Nick Evans)



  • R2Lab: programmable networks experimentation platform

As part of the EQUIPEX FIT project, the wireless networks experimentation platform R2Lab offers a 10 m x 9 m x 3 m anechoic chamber including 37 wireless programmable nodes in which new applications, services and network protocols can be tested in a highly reproducible and controllable way. This project aim at providing a testing platform suitable for the next generation programmable 5G networks. The platform was inaugurated on 2016, November 9.

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> Demo video (this Inria-EURECOM joint demo has been selected by ACM SIGCOMM 2017).


  • OpenAirInterface platform: open source ecosystem for designing next generation wireless systems

Submitted by Dominique Nussbaum (EURECOM) and Robert Staraj (UNS/CNRS LEAT), OpenAirInterface is an open source experimental research project, which aim at experimenting both hardware and software concepts in the following fields:

• Real-time radio signal processing
• Wireless network All-IP
• Agile RF System Design
• Antennas
• Design and Simulation Methods
• Propagation and measure analysis of systems
• Cognitive Radio

Concretely, OpenAirInterface makes it possible to implement a small wireless network (1 km) with base stations (relays) and mobile terminals. OpenAirInterface potential users are businesses and researchers who want to test their new communication services performance in a controlled environment.

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  • HopCare project: E-Health distributed and ubiquitous applications

Submitted by Vincent Prunet and Manuel Serrano (INRIA), the HopCare project aims at using the HOP system, a new higher-order language designed for programming interactive web applications developed by the INDES team at INRIA, to meet complex software needs of people assistance systems. The HopCare team works in cooperation with medical units of the University of Nice and the Health Innovation Center of Nice Hospital (CIU-Santé).

> More on Hop.js
> Read Vincent Prunet's interview

  • SANBIO project: antenna systems for implantable biosensors

The SANBIO project, submitted by Philippe Le Thuc (LEAT) and George Carle (TIRO MATOS), builds on the Labex work in the field of antennas miniaturization to equip sensors implanted in small animals bodies and in the field of passive communication with these implanted sensors. It aims at demonstrating the possibility to equip cages for laboratory animals in order to allow identification, localization and measure of physiological animal variables in an automatic and passive way.

  • ElectroSmart project: Revealing your exposition to the electromagnetic waves

The ElectroSmart project, submitted by Arnaud Legout (INRIA) et Leonardo Lizzi (LEAT), is crowd-based measuring application for Android devices that reports your exposition to electromagnetic waves generated by connected devices such as Bluetooth devices, or communication infrastructures such as cellular antennas or Wi-Fi access points.