Industrial partners' Club

The Labex UCN@Sophia is open to the economic world

To promote and disseminate the research results in the field of next generation networks is part of the core missions of the Labex UCN@Sophia. By building partnerships with business community stakeholders, the Labex aims at giving visibility to its expertise in the field of User-Centric Networks and bringing the scientific excellence of its partners laboratories to innovating projects.

Our partners :

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Why become a partner?

You are head of an innovative company, an entrepreneur? You are in charge of R&D?

By becoming member of the Industrial Partners’ Club of the Labex UCN@SOPHIA,

  • come and fuel your projects with the most recent research developments in the field of User-Centric Networks,
  • create close links with leading laboratories,
  • come and share your skills and benefit from the complementarity between academic actors of the research and private actors to propel your company towards new markets.

As a member of Partners’ Club of the Labex UCN@SOPHIA, come at the source of the innovation in the field of next generation networks:

Direct access to the transferable research works to your products and services with the possibility to propose your subjects of research

Funding of project development engineers to solve your own issues related to innovation

Opportunity to set up a long-lasting collaboration with Labex for a scientific and technological consultancy services or any national or European project of cooperation

Personalized or collective work and training sessions

Scientific and technical events (bimonthly thematic scientific days, annual seminar of scientific monitoring, colloquiums, thesis defenses, presentations of works of post-PhD students, engineers or trainees)

Visits of our teams of researchers and engineers and our equipments.

Access to specialized information resources:

  • Information about the national, European and international calls for tender received by Labex
  • Inria and I3S common scientific information center (10 000 books, more than 400 scientific journals, national collections)
  • Labex publications


To get more information about the Industrial partners' Club, please contact:

Marion Mounier

Communication and business relations officer

+33 (0)492 96 51 75