icon_ucn.png   UCN @ Sophia Quarterly Newsletter 1-2015


Project Development Engineers: Out of the 7 projects submitted to the project development engineers call at the end of last year, 3 were selected to receive a direct support. An engineer will be hired for the next 1 to 2 years in order to develop and valorise a research platform in close connection with industrial partners:

  • R2Lab platform for experimenting programmable networks (contacts: W.Dabbousn Inria / D. Nussbaum, EURECOM).
  • OpenAirInterface experimental wireless network platform  (contacts: D. Nussbaum, EURECOM / R. Staraj, LEAT).
  • HopCare platform, applying concepts of the HOP distributed software environment to the healthcare domain (contacts: M. Serano, Inria / V. Prunet, CobTek-UNS).

Two more calls will be launched at the end 2015 and 2016 to support other platforms..

Invited researchers : The Labex welcomes from November 24 to the end of February Prof. Michele Magno from the ETH Zurich. He is hosted by the MCSOC team (LEAT).

The Labex will welcome 3 others invited researchers within the next three months: Prof. Elisabeth de Carvalho from the Aalborg University of Denmark (March), Prof. Claudia d'Amato from the University of Bari “Aldo Moro” from (January - March), and Prof. Joergen Bang-Jensen from the University of Southern Denmark (February - June).

Mediterranean Days 2015: the Mediterranean days are organized for the third consecutive year. This event is part of the Labex dissemination plan. It promotes excellence by inviting selected international students to discover the SophiaTech campus as well as the study & employment opportunities offered on site. It contributes to the recruitment of high-level student for the University and the EURECOM masters.

Labex PhD Day: A PhDs Day will be organized by June to give an overview of the Labex research activities and encourage cross-fertilization among young researchers in the Labex domains.

ANR visits UCN @ Sophia : On February 19 will be held the annual follow-up meeting with the ANR funding agency. This high time event is the opportunity to summarize the Labex activity and to discuss the past & coming actions.

IDEX UCAJedi : The “University Cote d’Azur”  ComUE just submitted an IDEX project named UCAJedi (Joint, Excellent and Dynamic Initiative). It is structured along 5 “excellence academies” among which one on “networks, information and digital society” which is well aligned with the Labex UCN @ Sophia research themes. The project will be evaluated and defended in the coming months. We wish good luck to this initiative, which represents a very important milestone in the regional research agenda.

2015 is a mid-term for UCN @ Sophia

Year 2015 is particularly important for UCN @ Sophia Labex has it corresponds to the mid-term for this project started in 2012 with an 8 years duration. The Labex is entering into its 4th year. It had time to set up most of its development plans for research, education and valorisation, and it started most of its accompanying instruments.

The ANR will proceed to a special review of all Labex at a national scale during this year. A detailed scientific report will be published by Labex UCN @ Sophia in March in place of the usual annual summary, and it will participate to the national Labex days in Paris at the beginning of June. An international jury will review the Labex activity and the ANR will evaluate all Labex individually and as a whole.

  • February 18 to 20, 2015. Mediterranean Days 2015
  • February 19, 2015. Visit of the National research Agency’s Delegation
  • January 13 to March 20, 2015. Visit of Prof. Claudia d’Amato
  • February 9 to June 26, 2015. Visit of Prof. Joergen bang Jensen
  • March 2015. Visit of Prof. Elisabeth de Carvalho
  • March-April 2015. CIMPACA Conception Platform/Labex Workshop
  • March-April 2015. Intelligent Transport Systems Workshop
  • June 2015. PhDs Day

Contacts with industry

In 2014, the Labex UCN @ Sophia started a new instrument to tighten the links with industrial partners. Project development engineer funding has been allocated to 3 platforms with valorisation objectives, in close collaboration with industry. The role of these engineers will be to consolidate the existing platforms, to develop demonstrators and/or to facilitate transfer of research activities to the industry. With the success of this first call, it was decided to renew it in Autumn 2015 and Autumn 2016.

Moreover, a large participation of the industrial partners is expected for a common-day with the CIM-PACA platform for microcircuits conception in the next Spring. By this event, you could find the information and online registration to the Labex Club of Industrial Partners here.

Annual PhD ans postdoc grants call

Year 2014 calls for PhD and postdocs funding is closed. The proposals submitted will be evaluated for grants allocation by the end of March. This call will be renewed one last time at the end of year 2015 (for PhD to be funded in the 2016-2019 period, i.e. the end of the Labex).

Scientific Animation

Two Labex thematic days were organized at the end of 2014 to cover the topics of “energy efficiency” and “e-health”. Such events will be organized regularly on the various Labex topics along year 2015 to maintain an active research community and encourage cross-fertilization. The next events planed are targeting “Intelligent Transport Systems” and a common-day with the CIM-PACA platform for microcircuits conception. Later events will address “data-centric networking”, “distributed and ambient computing”, and “infrastructures heterogeneity”.

Focus on the Invited Researcher: Michele MAGNO

Michele Magno received his master and PhD degree in electronic enginnering at the University of Bologna, in Italy. He is a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, in Switzerland, and research fellow at University of Bolgna in Prof. Luca Benini’s group. Michele is currently a Labex invited researcher at Laboratoire d'Electronique, Antennes et Télécommunications (LEAT), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. The most important themes of his research are low power embedded devices, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), sensors applications, video surveillance applications, power management techniques and extension of the lifetime of battery-operated devices. His research leads to interest in the design of intelligent devices, machine learning, energy harvesting, sensors interfaces and nano-power wake up radios. As main scientist he followed several EU and National projects and collaborated with several universities and research center such as University of Trento, Italy, University of British Columbia, Canada, Imperial College London, UK, Politecnico di Torino, Tyndall Institute and University College Cork, Ireland, and many others. He has published more than 50 papers in international publications, including 12 scientific journal papers.

Arrived on November 22, Michele participated at the Labex “E-Health Workshop” on November 27 and at the “Sophia Networking Seminar on January 29. His presentation on January was “Designing next generation of smart sensors: a Multi-sensor Energy Neutral Wearable Bracelet”. Within the framework of his collaboration with the Labex teams, he submitted together with the LEAT a European project FP7 under the ‘CHIST-ERA’ program entitled “ERIC-CPS: Engineering Resilient and Information-Centric Cyber Physical Systems”, with the partnership of Cork (UCC, Ireland), Southampton (England) Universities and ETH (Zurich).

Relating to his research activities, Michele developed for few years an innovative technology aimed at the energy saving for the Wireless Communicating Objects: the “Wake-Up Radio”. In collaboration with Trong-Nhan Le, Labex postdoc, he works to model precisely this Wake-Up Radio for a use of Wireless Sensor Networks. Their aim is to validate the use of this system type but also to estimate the energy and latent savings bringing by this component type. The first simulation results are very positive and encouraging. A scientific paper about this work will be submitted in a review at the end of March.


Regularly on Thursday afternoon, Labex welcome you to assist to the UCN @ Sophia Labex seminar presentations (EURECOM, room 101). 

Next speakers: 

  • February 19 at 1:30 p.m.: Loukas Lazos (U. of Arizona)
  • March 5 at 1:30 p.m. : Slim Trabelsi (SAP Labs France), "Monitoring Software Vulnerabilities through Social Networks Analysis"
  • March 26 at 1:30 p.m.: Arnaud Legout (Inria)