icon_ucn.png   UCN @ Sophia Quarterly Newsletter 3-2015



Com4Innov Platform / UCN @ Sophia Labex Day. Com4Innov Platform and the Labex UCN@Sophia organize a joint event "Research and testings Day" on September 22, 2015. This event aims at presenting the research activities of Com4Innov Platform and Labex members, at presenting their projects and at promoting the partnerships between the members of both units. See the detailed program.

Invited Researchers. The Labex will welcome from October 2015 to March 2016 Prof. Matteo Sereno, from Torino University. Prof. Sereno is an renowned expert in field of performance evaluation for computer networks. The research plan he wants to carry on matches the new ongoing research activity in Maestro team on optimization of smart grids, Patrick Loiseau's interest on networks economics and Fabien Hermenier's work on energy-efficient data centers. This work will also be the foundation for an H2020 proposal.

eSAME Conference. The eSAME 2015 conference (Embedded Software and Micro-Electronics) entitled "Green your electronics less power, more value", will be held in campus Sophi@Tech Forum building on November 5, 2015. This full day conference will be the opportunity to learn more on future trends & new technical challenges with a high level technical environment. See the conference  website for more information.

Open calls. Calls for PhD, postdoc and development engineer grants are still open.

Focus on the Invited Researcher: Claudia d'Amato

Claudia d'Amato, UCN @ Sophia Labex invited researcher welcomed from January to March 2015, is a research assistant at the University of Bari - Computer Science Department. She obtained her PhD in 2007 from the University of Bari, Italy, defending the thesis titled "Similarity Based Learning Methods for the Semantic Web", for which she obtained the AI*IA nomination as one of the best AI PhD theses in 2005-2007. She pioneered the research on Machine Learning methods for ontology mining that still represents her main research interest. Her research activity has been disseminated through 15 journal papers, 12 book chapters, 47 papers in international collections, 24 papers in international workshop proceedings and 13 articles in national conference and workshop proceedings. She edited 22 books and proceedings and 2 journal special issues. She has been also awarded for the best paper in several conference venue. She is member of the editorial board of the Semantic Web, Web Semantics and Semantic Web and Information Systems international Journals. She served/is serving as Program Chair at ESWC 2014, Vice-Chair at ISWC'09, Machine Learning Track Co-Chair at ESWC'12-'13, PhD Symposium chair at ESWC'15 and Workshop and Tutorial Co-Chair at ISWC'12, EKAW'12, ICSC'12. She served/is serving as aprogram committee member of a number of international conferences in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Semantic Web such as AAAI, IJCAI, ECAI,ECML, ISWC, WWW, ESWC. She was/is organizing also several workshops concerning uncertainty Reasoning, Machine Learning and Data Mining for the Semantic Web.

During her visit in Sophia Antipolis teams, she presented a UCN @ Sophia Labex seminar "Extracting Rules from ontological knowledge bases: purposes and approach".


September 11. Deadline for the 2016 call for 6 PhD subjects applications and 2015 call for development engineer positions funding.

September 22. The common Com4Innov Platform / UCN @ Sophia Labex Day entitled "Research and testings Day" in SophiaTech Campus, Forum building.

October 9. Deadline for the call for 2 postdoc positions.     

November 5. eSAME 2015 conference "Green your electronics less power, more value". 

Open calls

Pos-doc grant Call. A new post-doc application call was launched with 2 positions (up to 2 years). The application deadline is on October 9, 2015, at 5:00 p.m.

PhD grant and development enginner grant calls. A PhD grant call with 6 positions and a call for development engineers call were launched. The application deadline is on September 11, at 5:00 p.m in both cases.

Invited Researchers. The call for the welcome of invited Researchers is still open. The call is available here.         

Focus on the CIMPACA Design Platform / UCN

CIMPACA Design Platform and Labex UCN @ Sophia organised a common event on the afternoon of May 26, 2015. This half day aimed at presenting the research activities of Labex members, at learning the needs and problematics of the platform partners and at facilitating the implementation of new partnerships.

The event began with the presentations of UCN@Sophia Labex and CIMPACA Design Platform, then researchers presented their actual projects:

  • Gilles Jacquemod (Nice Sophia Antipolis University and EpOC team) talked about "Smart sensors or smart building applications”
  • Dominique Nussbaum (EURECOM) explained us the "Update of 4G+/5G cellular systems: flexibility and reduction of environmental footprint"
  • Alain Pegatoquet and Fabien Ferrero (Nice Sophia Antipolis University) presented their works about "Reconfigurable antennas in directivity in sensors networks: challenges and associated locks"
  • Renaud Pacalet (Telecom Paris Tech) presented us "Connected Object's Security: models, proofs, architectures"
  • Aurélien Francillon (EURECOM) presented the works of 'Software and System Security Group and in particular "An approach of Embedded System Security"

Following to the scientific presentations, 2 industrial partners presented their companies and R&D industrial needs

  1. Ansys (P. Martinez)
  2. Kontron (S. Tissot)

J. Montagnat and D. Nussbaum thanked participants for the interesting half day workshop in conclusion of the presentation's session.

Discussions were exchanged during a coffee break and a posters session.