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R2lab platform inauguration. The Reproducible Research Lab (R2Lab), funded by the FIT Equipex and supported by the Labex, was inaugurated on Wednesday, November 9th in the presence of Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria and Serge Fdida (FIT) at Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée. It consists in a Wi-fi mesh testbed infrastructure suitable for testing wireless devices and heterogeneous wireless communications. The R2Lab testbed offers an infrastructure with thirty-seven wireless nodes, for highly flexible experimentation in wireless network. It allows experimenters to optimize in many ways radio frequencies for wireless applications. The platform is open to companies who can book the room on http://r2lab.inria.fr to run their own experiments through remote control.

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PhDs final recruitment. The Labex is welcoming its last funded PhD students whose thesis will be defended at the end of the program in 2019.

  •   October 2016: Mounia Hamidouche (EURECOM), Karyna Gogunska (Inria) and Dien Hoa Truong (I3S).
  •   July 2016: Alina Tuholukova (EURECOM) and John Anderson Garcia Henao (I3S).

Gibin Bose will join the LEAT in November, bringing the total number of funded thesis to 25 in 8 years.

1st inter-Labex Symposium "Excellence in Smart Systems".

2016, November 23th - Besançon

For the first time, 8 Labex, all involded in Smart Systems, will jointly present their research fields and projects to the academic and business communities.

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Mediterranean Students Days 2017.  The 5th edition of the Meddays is on its way! ICT schools and universities of the Mediterranean basin (Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Lebanon and Egypt) have proposed a few candidates selected for their excellent academic record. On March 1-3, during 3 days, the selected students will be invited to attend the presentations of the SophiaTech Campus, its Master curriculums, scientific teams and range of jobs/activities. We are looking for sponsors! If you're interested in this unique opportunity to reach the best ICT students and present your business to your future interns or junior engineers, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our sponsorship document!

Read more on: http://univ-cotedazur.fr/events/meddays

 2017 Call for Post-PhD Fellowships - Now open!

The Labex 2017 call for post-docs funding is now open, until Fev, 19. The proposals submitted will be evaluated for grants allocation during March 2017.

ElectroSmart, powered by the Labex UCN@Sophia

The Labex is proud to be part of the Inria-LEAT ElectroSmart project, a new app that allows the general audience to measure its exposition to electromagnetic waves. Thank you to Arnaud Legout (Inria), who has agreed to share a few words about it:


The Labex UCN@Sophia has been instrumental in this project. First it enabled a close relationship between Inria and LEAT that was not usual. This is clearly a strong contribution that makes possible more ambitious projects requiring multiple competencies, such as ElectroSmart. Second, the Labex funded an engineer for two years that started early 2016 to work on the development of the Android application and on scientific experiments to calibrate our measurements.

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End of our 2016 Development engineers Call for projects - The laureates

The Labex UCN@Sophia third call for projects to fund project development engineers ended on September 30th. The Executive Council made its selection among 15 applicants and invited 7 pre-selected project leaders to present their projects at the end of October.

The laureates were chosen according to their ability to give a clear vision of the expected technological transfer and to explain the mutual benefit for both laboratory and industrial partner, the actual investment of each stakeholder, the potential impact of the technological transfer and long term perspectives.

Congratulations to the 5 winning projects:

  • Project D2D Indoor - Network communications project without infrastructure between smartphones (NFCOM with Inria / Chadi Barakat)
  • Project PAPIoT (Position and Activity monitoring Platform based on IoT technology) - Creation of a wearable device prototype for elderly people (Abeeway and Nively with LEAT / Fabien Ferrero)
  • Project POST ADO -  Services between connected object dynamic and opportunist composition platform for weakened people homecare (Berger-Levrault with I3S / Jean-Yves Tigli)
  • Project RockFlows - Creation of a Machine Learning Workflow (France Labs with I3S / Michel Riveill)
  • Project Secure, privacy-preserving biometric speaker authentication in the cloud (EURECOM / Nick Evans)

A last call for projects will be launched in early 2017. Stay tuned!


November, 23. 1st inter-Labex Symposium. > Register.

November, 25. Business Lunch with Telecom Valley. > Register.

November, 25. Tech Seminar: "On the Road to 5G: MATLAB Modelling of the Evolving LTE and WLAN Standards and MIMO Antenna Arrays". > Register.

December, 1. eSame Conference "Connected objects for smarter life". > Register.


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