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Labex Program funding will be pursued after 2019. Thierry Mandon, French Secretary for Higher Education and Research, and Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner for Investment, announced on February, 14th that the "excellence dynamics" of the Labex Program will be pursued after 2019. It acknowledges the successful structuring action of the Labex for French research at a national level. The decision concerning each Labex will be taken, for a first period of five years, after a new evaluation. Read more

Mediterranean Students Days 2017. The 5th edition of the Meddays ended on March, 2nd. The best ICT schools and universities of the Mediterranean basin (Algeria, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain and Turkey) have been invited to propose a few candidates selected for their excellent academic record. During 3 days, the 34 invited students attended the presentations of the SophiaTech Campus, its Master curriculums, scientific teams and range of jobs/activities. For the first time, we had presentations of Team Côte d'Azur, the official investment promotion agency of the French Riviera and of the Valbonne-Sophia Antipolis City Council. Many thanks to Vanessa Marcié (Team Côte d'Azur Head of Marketing and Communications), Sandrine Sélosse (in charge of Innovation, Higher Education and Research for the City of Valbonne-Sophia Antipolis) and Erwan Paitel (Université Côte d'Azur Training Program Director) who flaunted the numerous assets of our region to welcome talented students and give them the best training and professional opportunities.


> Presentations available here

Petros Elia (EURECOM) ERC Grant. Petros Elia, Pr. in Communications Systems Dept. at EURECOM was awarded an ERC grant for his project DUALITY which aspires to revolutionize the wireless networks by using the cache memory. Read more

Emilien Kofman Thesis Defense. The 2nd Labex funded thesis defense was held on February, 27th. Congrats to Emilien Kofman for his work on on Low Power Application Architecture Adaptation using SMT solvers.
Abstract: We describe the Symsched methodology and environment for AAA design (Application Architecture Adequation). It allows to evaluate the energy/performance balance for a given embedded system. We translate the different components of the problem (application requirements et architecture provisions) in a system of equations and inequations made of integer variables for the modeling of temporal aspects and boolean variables for the modeling of admissible task mapping and resource states. We then submit this problem to an automatic search engine SMT solver (SAT Modulo Theories). We study the scalability of this methodology and its compromises with models expressiveness. We then study synthetic, realistic and real scheduling problems using this approach.

EURECOM/TCL 5GLab Inauguration. On February, 2nd, TCL a world leader in consumer electronic devices, inaugurated its 5G Lab at EURECOM. This collaborative research project will be based on OpenAirInterface, the opensource software emulation platform dedicated to 5G developped by the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) of which the Labex is co-founder.

MIT European Career Fair. A delegation from the I3S laboratory joined UCA at the 21th European Career Fair held on February, 25th on the prestigious MIT campus to present its PhDs and international master programms. This event hosts some of the brightest candidates who are interested in a career in Europe and increases awareness in the US about the exciting career opportunities that Europe has to offer. Read more

C@fés ADSTIC, a very welcome initiative. Johan Montagnat, coordinator of the Labex UCN@Sophia, inaugurated the first session of the C@fés ADSTIC on February, 17th. During the lunch break, this initiative of the PhD Students Association on SophiaTech Campus consists in giving PhD fellows the opportunity to meet and interact with a researcher who is invited to explain his professional background and popularize his research field. We are looking forward to the next session, March, 24th: Jean-Claude Bermond "Cinquante années de passion à essayer de résoudre des problèmes délectables de graphes et réseaux".

End of Postdoc Call. The Labex call for postdoctoral fellowships ended on February, 19th. The selection process is ending and the laureates' names will be announced by the end of March.


Interview: Sosina Gashaw, Labex funded PhD fellow

Sosina Gashaw works on the modelization of 2-wheel vehicles traffic. Her thesis “Understanding and Modeling Mobility Characteristics of Scooters and Motorcycles for User-centric ITS Applications” is supervized by Jérôme Härri (EURECOM) and Paola Goatin (OPALE, Inria) and was awarded a Labex scholarship in 2014. Now approaching the last part of her thesis, she kindly agreed to tell us more about her work.


Despite a broad advancement in cooperative Intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) technologies, all the efforts focused so far on enhancing traffic safety and efficiency of cars traffic alone. The most vulnerable traffic users are therefore not 'visible' to the cooperative traffic safety and efficiency applications currently being developed.


> Read full interview

2017 Development engineers Call for projects - Open now!

The Labex UCN@Sophia fourth call for projects to fund project development engineers was launched on February, 7th and will end on May, 5th. The projects must be based on the exploitation and the transfer of the research results of a Labex member laboratory and deposited in partnership with this laboratory.

The laureates will benefit from a help (until 52 k€) for the hiring of a development engineer during one year for the maturation of their project.


> How to apply?

> Former funded projects


The Labex industrial partners are hiring young researchers

Do not hesitate to forward these job offers to your networks:

logo_berger-levrault.jpg 5 positions in software engineering. Read more.
logo_nively.jpg 1 position for innovation associate in the domain of Ambient Assisted Living. Read more.



Workshop "Quantum Simulation, Processing and Communication". June, 4. Idex UCAJEDI Academy 1 organizes a one-day workshop on quantum simulation, processing and communication. The event will gather scientists from quantum physics, photonics, computer science and telecommunications. The objective is to discuss the state of the art and perspectives for quantum technologies in the areas of computing, simulation and secured communications. Read more on our website soon.

2017 Labex General Assembly. November 2017. To be announced.

Visiting Researcher Call. The UCN @ Sophia Labex call for funding high-profile researcher visits is still open. The Labex also accepts successive visits spread over a period of 2 years. Requests forms are available in PDF, ODT and DOCX formats. 


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