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November, 28

Labex Scientific Day

SophiaTech Campus - Forum building amphitheater

1-day open meeting to keep in touch with the research work of the Labex partner laboratories

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Labex funded Masters Students. We congratulate the 17 students who have been awarded scholarships:

  • M1 "International Master in Computer Science": Gabriel Pires Alaves Moraes and Antonella Maria Loconsole.
  • M2 "Ubinet": Aanouar Rkhami, Badr Jouhar, Ikram Chouiekh, Luca Santamaria, Othmane Belmoukadam, Mohamed Janati Idrissi, Othmane Bensouda Korachi, Laila Daanoun, Mourad Aklouf, Yevhenii Semenko and Alberto Zirondelli.
  • Master in Mobile Computing Systems: Marina Costantini.
  • Master in Data Science and Engineering: Viet Phi Uynh.
  • Master in Digital Security: Meru Prabhat.
  • Master in mobile computing systems: Neharika Valecha.


Thesis Defenses. More Labex funded thesis come to completion. Sessions of this quarter:


UCA MSI Calls for proposals The following calls for proposals of the Center of Modeling, Simulations and Interactions (MSI) of Université Côte d'Azur are now active:

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MOOC Python 3 starting November, 8. This 4th session is proposed by Arnaud Legout and Thierry Parmentelat (Inria) and funded by UCAJEDI. This course of 7 weeks aims at learning to program well in Python, from the first steps to the language to the study of most evolved concepts thanks to numerous short videos, exercises, and mini-projects. The former sessions gathered more than 9000 participants. Record to be broken! Read more

Interview: Teresa Colombi (LudoTIC) introduces the Telecom Valley UX-CX working group

Telecom Valley, one of the Labex' partners for innovation and technological transfer issues, launched in early 2017 a working group dedicated to a human-driven conception of digital systems and services. This working group and our Labex entitled "User-Centric Networks" share obvious common interests. Teresa Colombi, Managing Director of LudoTIC, who co-leads the working group with Sandra Belfils, user experience designer by IBM, explains their approach which is undoubtedly promised to a bright future.

Users must be taken into consideration right from the design stage of solutions and digital services, by studying their psychological, sociological, communications, and marketing facets.


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Labex's Partners News


3Roam (MULTECOM Project). EURECOM and 3roam recently received funding from the Labex UCN@Sophia for the project MULTECOM. The project aims to develop a small cell base station based on the MulLTEfire standard, which allows to operate an LTE network in unlicensed bands. The project builds on the very strong technological background of the two involved parties, namely the OpenAirInterface software stack from EURECOM and the NETCOM platform developed by 3Roam. The project started officially on September 1st 2017 and will last for 1 year. The Labex funding will support one engineer at EURECOM to carry out the necessary development work.

ElectroSmart pursues its dynamic development. The team will have a booth at the Inria 50th birthday celebration national event in Paris on November, 7-8 to demonstrate their app and the exposure maps it generates. This exhibition at the "Cent-Quatre" is the culmination of this year of celebration. Read more on http://50ans.inria.fr/fr/inria-fete-ses-50-ans-au-104/

Abeeway is hiring high IT profiles (for example Experienced Java/Spring Developer : http://t.co/3rMRcbgYvl - Contact: Pierre-Yves Gueniffey py.gueniffey@abeeway.com)


Visiting Researcher: Katia Obraczka (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Katia Obraczka is an expert in computer networks, distributed systems, and Internet information systems. Her research focuses on the design, evaluation, implementation, and deployment of protocols for internetworks consisting of wired as well as wireless networks, where her contributions span different layers of the protocol stack, from the medium-access control to the application layer.

The Labex has supported two one-month visits at the DIANA project-team, in July 2017 and and during summer 2018 to work on in particular in the decentralization of the SDN control plane applied to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Katia Obraczka is Professor of Computer Engineering and Graduate Director at Department of Computer Engineering, UC Santa Cruz where she leads the Internetworking Research Group (i-NRG). She obtained a PhD in Computer Science in 1994 from University of Southern California, and a M.S. in Computer Science in the same University in 1990 and another M.S. in Computer Engineering in 1987 from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before joining UCSC, she was a research Scientist at USC's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and had a joint appointment at USC's Computer Science Department. Katia Obraczka has been a PI and a co-PI in a number of projects sponsored by government agencies (e.g., NSF, DARPA, NASA, ARO, DoE, AFOSR) as well as industrila stakeholders (e.g., Cisco, Google, Nokia). In 2014 she became Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to energy-efficient protocols and routing in wireless networks.

With Thierry Turletti (Inria), she was the co-PI of the associated team "COMMUNITY: Message Delivery in Heterogeneous Networked Environments" between her group and the PLANETE project-team at Inria between 2009 and 2014. This collaboration was very fruitful with the design of communication protocols for delay tolerant networks and programmable (SDN) networks for both infrastructure and infrastructureless environments.


Visiting Researcher Call. The UCN @ Sophia Labex call for funding high-profile researcher visits is still open. The Labex also accepts successive visits spread over a period of 2 years. Read more...


November, 6-10 European School of Antennas - Antennas and Rectennas for IoT application (course by F. Ferrero and L. Lizzi). Read more

November, 9 World Usability Day. Read more

November, 28 Labex Scientific Day. Read more

November, 30 eSAME Conference 2017 - Hands on your Connected Devices, Forum Building, SophiaTech Campus. Read more


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